Garage Door Safety Check

June is Garage Door Safety Month, and it is time to check your garage door! We often assume that our garage doors will always work. In reality, they need maintenance to function safely. Many garage doors in Modesto are used multiple times daily as the main entrance to the house. The moving parts will wear out and eventually fail if nothing is done to replace or maintain them. Take the time to perform this quick garage door safety check in your home this month. This guide is geared toward residential homes, but most of it applies in commercial settings as well.


A safety check starts with a complete inspection. With the door closed, check that all the hinges are not cracked and the cables are not frayed. Note any panels that have a crack on them. These will need addressed in the near future with a garage door repair! If you have a garage door opener, pull the safety release from the opener and run the door by hand. This lets you check the balance and the rollers. Also check that the safety sensors are mounted within 6 in. of the floor and all wall buttons are at least 5 ft. off the ground. For more detail see our previous post on Garage Door Maintenance.

The area around a garage door is also important to a safety check. Nothing should be stored where it could get in the way of the moving garage door. For example, a broom stored next to the opening could get jammed when the door closes and cause major problems. We also see cabinets installed close enough to the door that the open door can cause problems. Take the time to do a careful inspection and prevent an emergency later.

A broom in the way of a garage door opening shown as a bad example.


Proper lubrication helps garage doors run longer and quieter. The most important parts are the hinges and rollers. The springs and opener rail also need some lubrication. A specialized garage door lube or white lithium grease works best.

An Example Picture of a Garage Door Showing places to lubricate.
A Quick Illustration Showing Examples of the Hinges and Rollers That Need Lubrication.


The last step for safety is testing the garage door. As stated before, pull the emergency release if you have a garage door opener and run the garage door by hand. Your garage door should open and close easily.

If you have a garage door opener, check that the door reverses on a 2x4. Place a flat 2x4, or similar object, in the garage door opening and close the door on it like normal. The garage door opener should sense the object upon contact and reverse. This safety feature is critical to prevent injuries from garage door entrapment.

Quick Demonstration Of A Garage Door Opener Reversal Test

Take Time For Safety

Take the time to check your garage door for safety! It could prevent an injury or emergency to you or your family. As a bonus, taking the time to check and lubricate your garage door will probably make it run quieter and last longer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our office in Modesto or Sonora for help! We also will give free advice to Stockton, Merced, and all the surrounding areas.

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