Commercial MyQ: Cold Storage Solutions

Garage door opener technology has come a long way in the last few years. Modern openers are now internet-connected, able to be monitored and opened from anywhere. Every residential garage door opener model we sell at this point has built in WiFi. Connected operator technology is just starting to come to the commercial market. For certain industries, this can be extremely useful. This article is focusing on how the LiftMaster MyQ system can help the cold storage industry.

Cold storage facilities often have rows of dock doors, often operated manually. Manually operated doors, when properly balanced, don't seal at the bottom all that well, leaving a potential air gap. Also, manual doors may be left open accidentally for longer than necessary during unloading and loading. Adding commercial operators to these dock doors will help with both on these problems.

The Commercial MyQ technology allows the office far more insight and control during operations. For example, a supervisor can get alerts when a door is left open. Certain vehicle restraints integrate with the opener to automatically start Timer-To-Close when the vehicle pulls away, minimizing the time the door is open. The MyQ cloud can show the time it takes at each bay for loading and unloading trucks. The video from LiftMaster below has more details.

Commercial MyQ can improve cold storage facilities by:

  • Supporting the Food Safety Modernization Act Guidelines
  • Improve Employee Safety
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Add Security

For more information, contact our office today! We sell cold storage doors and dock doors often, and would like to help. Visit the Liftmaster site for more information about their cold storage solutions.

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