How To Get A Smart Garage Door Opener

Lift-Master MyQ is bringing the latest technology in smart homes to their new smart garage door opener technology. These features allow a smart garage door opener to connect securely through WiFi to your smartphone, effectively allowing you to monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere in the world. Their products allow this cutting edge technology to be brought to nearly any garage door opener installed in the past 20 years.

The biggest benefits from this technology are knowing that your garage door is closed when you're not at home. You can also get real-time alerts, letting you know if somebody is using your garage door. If your neighbor or family needs to get in while you're away, just open the garage door and then check that it closed behind them! Some of our employees use this to check that their kids got home from school each day. This technology can really bring peace of mind, allowing you to never worry bout an open garage door again.

New Smart Garage Door Opener

There are three different ways to get this technology, depending on your situation. All of Lift-Master's current line are My-Q enabled, with some having built-in WiFi and some requiring an Internet Gateway. If you have an opener with WiFi, it is ready to set up! Simply download the MyQ app and follow the instructions. If your MyQ opener does not have a WiFi symbol on the side, it needs an Internet Gateway from Lift-master to allow it to connect to the Internet.

Recent Chamberlain/Lift-Master Opener

Any Lift-Master, Chamberlain, Sears/Craftsman, and Raynor brand openers manufactured after 1998 need a MyQ retrofit package, which has a new wall button and internet gateway. This allows the Internet gateway to connect to the new wall button, which in turn can control the garage door opener remotely.

Universal Conversion Kit

Most older garage door openers can use a MyQ Garage Kit, which includes a door position sensor and special Internet gateway. The requirements are that the opener has photo eyes and is listed on Lift-Masters website here, which most openers sold in the last 20 years qualify. The door position sensor provides lets you know whether your garage door is open or closed, while the Internet gateway bridges the gap between the older opener and your home's WiFi. This special Internet gateway also includes a flashing light and sounds to comply with UL 325.

We would love to help answer any questions about converting your existing garage door opener to be fully operable from anywhere! Our team is excited to see new developments in this area, giving you more control over your home. If you would like, view our product page on residential garage door openers.

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