Fire Door Drop Test

Certified Fire Door Drop Testing

The NFPA 80 Standard for fire doors mandates that overhead rolling steel fire doors be working properly and drop tested annually. Our IDEA certified technician is ready to help you follow this standard with an annual fire door drop test. This includes a comprehensive visual inspection and functional test, ensuring that your fire doors are both safe and in full compliance. We provide all the needed documentation, including labels and forms for each fire door being tested.

NFPA 80 Standard

The standard includes both a visual and functional inspection that the rolling steel fire door must pass. This includes having the original manufacturer’s label present and using all OEM parts for repairs.

Visual Inspection:

Ensure that all parts of the doors are in good condition and installed correctly with the labels present. This also includes checking that the fusible links are in the right position.

Functional Testing:

Drop test the door, ensuring that all areas are working correctly and the safety mechanism resets correctly.

For More Information, See DASMA Technical Sheets.


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