Painting a Garage Door

Have you ever thought about repainting your garage doors? A fresh coat can make older doors look new! These instructions are directly from our manufacturer, CHI, regarding their doors, but they would apply to most garage doors.

Painting Instructions for Steel Doors

Repainting the Door:

Wash surface thoroughly with a solution of trisodium phosphate (commonly called TSP). Buff surface lightly with an extra fine grade steel wool. Repair any rust or bare metal areas and coat with zinc based primer. Paint with a premium quality oil or latex exterior paint. Avoid use of solvents (mineral spirits can be used). Apply paint to a small area of door to test for adhesion. If the new paint does not chip, crack, or bubble, apply to remainder of door. If in doubt about the correct paint system to use, contact a painting professional.

Repainting Window Frames and Decorative Inserts:

Remove the insert from window. Wash with mild detergent an buff the surface lightly with an extra fine grade steel wool. The frames can be repainted with either an A) oil based primer/latex top coat or B) an oil-based top coat (no primer required).

CHI Painting Instructions Steel Doors PDF

Painting Instructions for Wood or Fiberglass Doors

The instructions for painting wood or fiberglass doors are more complicated. CHI gives careful steps outlined in the PDF's attached below to successfully finish these doors without voiding their warranty. One of the most important things with wood is sealing all sides to keep moisture out. Older wooden garage doors will last much longer when the sealant or paint is maintained.

CHI Finishing Instructions for Fiberglass Doors PDF

CHI Finishing Instructions for Wood Overlay PDF

As always, if you have any questions about the process don't hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help answer questions about your garage doors!

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