Loading Dock Levelers

Dock Doors, seals, and levelers in a brick building
Dock Doors, seals, and levelers in a brick building

Blue Giant Loading Dock Levelers set the industry standard for durability and safety. At the most basic level, a dock leveler connects the warehouse floor to the deck of a truck. This allows foot and forklift traffic to pass through smoothly. Blue Giant takes this to the next step with many different models and safety features, such as the Xtra Dock Safety. This system guards against forklift roll-off and is available as an add-on for the docks below.

Here is a picture of a loading dock and vehicle restraint installed in Livingston, CA.

Pit Style Loading Dock

This style of loading dock leveler is available with mechanical, hydraulic, or airbag power. Both the mechanical and airbag dock levelers can be rated for a 30,000 - 50,000 lb.  capacity, while the hydraulic levelers goes up to 80,000 lb. The hydraulic model also offers independent lip control. Also available as a pour-pan model to save time and effort in new construction.

Vertical Storing Loading Dock

The Vertical Storing Loading Dock Leveler is the perfect dock solution for facilities requiring strict climate control or cleanliness levels. When not in use, this loading dock stores vertically. This allows the overhead doors to close completely, helping to reduce energy loss and debris entry. These can be rated from 30,000 - 60,000 lb. capacities.

Edge-of-Dock Style

Edge-of-dock levelers are ideal where a normal loading dock cannot be installed. These units are compact and self storing, providing a sturdy bridge between the dock and trailer. These docks are rated from 20,000 - 30,000 lb. capacities and available with mechanical or hydraulic power.

All Blue Giant docks are compatible with a wide range of Blue Giant Accessories and Safety Equipment. Please visit the Blue Giant website for the most up to date specifications and brochures. We can help answer any of your questions about loading dock equipment.

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