Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

Blue Giant Loading Dock Seals and Shelters create a seal between your loading dock and the truck, creating a temperature and debris barrier. This can save money by preserving internal temperatures, improving energy conservation, and protecting products from outside contaminants. Many different configurations are available, far to many to list on this one page. We will list the major options, but please get in touch with our loading dock specialists!

Compression Seals

Compression seals are foam filled head and side pads that seal against the top and sides of the truck. They offer an economical and effective option for most docks. The design varies a little depending on the opening size, but the basic idea is a physical compression seal around the trailer.

Inflatable Dock Seals

For those needing a better seal, Blue Giant offers inflatable dock seals. These are available in several different models, Adjustable Inflatable, Stationary Inflatable, and Air Frame Inflatable. After a truck is parked, the airbags inflate, creating a strong seal around the trailer. Internal retraction springs keep the airbags tucked away when not in use.

Dock Shelters

Blue Giant offers many models of dock shelters, differing mainly on their ability to take an impact. Frame options include pressure-treated lumber, foam structure, and retractable frames designed to resist impacts. These shelters seal around the trailer and provide a basic, but effective, barrier.

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