Janus Self Storage Doors

Row of janus doors installed in self storage
Row of janus doors installed in self storage

Barton Overhead Door has helped many self-storage and mini-storage facilities renovate or expand their spaces. Our supplier Janus International is a recognized leader in this field, offering the best self-storage doors on the market. The most common model is the 650, which is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. The model 750 is similar but adds a certified wind load rating.

Janus provides solutions that go beyond just door manufacturing. Our ADA kits contain all the necessary pulls, signs, and ramps to help you achieve compliance with ADA regulations. We also offer the 650 model that complies with ADA regulations, and requires no more than 5 lbs. of pressure to open and close.

If you're looking for an automatic operator, look no further than the Janus Pantheon Commercial/Industrial Operator. This powerful and easy-to-install DC motor operator is perfect for a range of applications. It also functions as a simple floor-level manual release system, with soft start and soft stop operation. Installing Pantheon could not be easier - just three simple steps and you’re good to go! No need to fiddle with switches or adjust cams for it to open and close correctly.

Features on Janus Self Storage Doors

Door Springs

  • Coated with a rust-preventing and corrosion-resistant grease during production
  • Protected in a tube for long-term security
  • Facilitate the effortless operation of the door

Ratchet Tensioning Device

  • Allows for easy spring tensioning
  • Automatically tensions all springs simultaneously
  • Does not need pins to secure the tension on the spring

Radial Ball Bearings

  • Offered at no extra expense
  • Permanently lubricated for hassle-free maintenance
  • Need virtually no upkeep

Dead Axle and Torque Tube Assembly

  • Tube housing shields springs and fortifies the axle
  • Avoids axle push and shift that a live axle would cause
  • Enables springs to be tuned all at once

Smart Entry Options

Janus offers a full line of entry systems for automating your self storage business. Their Nokē smart lock system is Bluetooth enabled and powered by a total access control system. You can forget about customers losing their keys or gate codes. Visit the Self Storage Door Automation for more information.

Janus Self Storage Door Warranty

These Janus doors are covered by a manufacturer's warranty for 3 years, with an additional 40 year film integrity and 25 year no-fade policy. Please see the official warranty for complete details.

We would be happy to provide professional help, efficient installation, and continuing service for all your self storage projects!

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